Jailbreaking your iOS device is usually done with a jailbreak download from a reliable source, the jailbreak software needs to be downloaded from the internet on to a computer and then the jailbreak application can be loaded on to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch through a usb cable from the computer to your device, what jailbreak does is removes the limitations set by Apple on their iOS operating system through the use of hardware exploits and software.

Jailbreaks are usually performed on iphone, ipad, ipod touch and Apple TV. Jailbreak lets you download additional applications, themes, tweaks, extensions, add ons, games and more that are not available in the Apple App Store, this is done by jailbreaking the root access to the devices iOS operating system.

A jailbroken iPhone can still be used as it would normally be used, you can still make calls, you can still get apps and updates to apps from the Apple App Store, you can still use iTunes, the only difference will be you will have FREEDOM and access to the Cydia App Store which is a whole new world witting for you to explore!

If you happen to restore your device in iTunes you will remove the jailbreak and have to reload the jailbreak again. If you don't want to update your device to the current iOS you can always check out Semi-Restore to get a partial iOS update to the current version of iOS you are running.

Apple doesn't accept every app that is submitted to the app store as they may have similar apps or they don't approve of the app for some reason or another, but with cydia  app on your phone you can get apps that aren't available at the Apple App Store. The only way to get access to the Cydia App Store is to jailbreak your idevice, once jailbroken you should have Cydia download with the jailbreak download and the Cydia App should be on your devices home screen / springboard.

Just because an app is available in the cydia store does not mean that the app works properly or doesn't contain harmful files to your device in it, so when getting apps from cydia, make sure you backup your device first and research the app for reviews from others to make sure works properly and won't crash or harm your device!

Jailbreaking has been around since the first iPhone was introduced, and with each new iOS update Apple does for it's iOS a new jailbreak is needed as the older versions require the new updates as well, so you should stick with a jailbreak that has the proper updates!

Free jailbreak's are great but don't always work the best and may not be up to date, so if you are looking for a regularly updated jailbreak be sure to CLICK HERE to go to the best website on the internet to get your jailbreak download for iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple TV.
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